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The recent stir on the internet created by the infamous Miss Nepal audition video has led to many ongoing social media debates, past Miss Nepal winners and contestants defending the actions of the judging panel, the hypocrisy shown by troll and meme pages that are otherwise trolling women and most of all, a discussion happening that should have happened a long time ago – about the relevancy of beauty pageants.

I have consumed the content of Miss Nepal like most of us, I have also supported last year’s winner in her Miss World journey. This was the first time I followed any Miss Nepal wholeheartedly and I don’t regret supporting her. That being said, I still don’t support the concept of beauty pageants. If you look at it, the entire system that the organization is build upon is objectification of women and if people are realizing the irrelavance of it just now, its pure ignorance.

There is a certain criteria you have to meet if you want to participate in beauty pageants, and no matter how “empowering” you say the platform given by Miss Nepal is, these criteria are mainly focused on the outer appearance of women. You have to meet a certain height criteria, and a certain body type. This automatically sends off the message that any other girls not meeting these superficial criterias are misfits to represent the country as Miss Nepal. To add to that, the participants are presented as objects of desire in the finale show. Its all about glamor and beauty before anything else.

This has been going on for decades now and the pageantry industry is blooming more than ever. Any business runs on demand and supply curve. The growing interest of people in this industry is leading to the high increase of these competitions. The world is capitalistic and as long as these type of shows or competitions hold relevance in the society, the businesses will gain profit out of it, thus the system is not going to change.

Apart from this, the main problem that I have witnessed in the Nepali online platform is the hypocrisy of the people. These are the same people who had problems with Nikita Chandak’s skin color. These are the same people who put sexist posts about women in the name of memes and dark humor. Now these are the people that are bringing down one woman to show their support towards another woman. Even though what Rachana Gurung Sharma said was wrong, you have to see that nobody in that room stopped her from saying what she said and noone made the girl feel comfortable. This just shows that the problem is with the system, not just this one woman that is getting bashed at the moment. Also, the fact that the girl got selected does not prove anything, it just feels like another marketing strategy.

I just want to convey the message that the system is corrupted and we are all fueling the engine by entertaining these objectifying beauty pageants. Its great that people are triggered by this incident but please don’t make this into another trolling saga. Learn what’s wrong with the system and do your research and think about what part you can play in putting end to this.

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