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Words That Heal

I would run to my mom’s class everyday after school. “Mummy, you have no idea what happened today.” – and I would start blabbering all my stories as she would correct the class-work of her kindergarteners. “And then this happened, and then she did this and then he said

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It gets better

A couple of years back, I went on a trip with three of my college friends. Whilst on that trip, I read some messages from which I found out that two of them hated me – big time! I read all these remarks they had made about me and how they wished I was dead […]

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System Error 101

The beauty pageant file is damaged!! The recent stir on the internet created by the infamous Miss Nepal audition video has led to many ongoing social media debates, past Miss Nepal winners and contestants defending the actions of the judging panel, the hypocrisy shown by

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