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It’s so loud in here, HELP ME!

Trigger Warning: This poem is written for #SuicidePreventionDay and might not be advisable for everyone to read.

The monsters in my head are screaming at me.
They’ve locked me in, and taken the key.
I’ve been banging on the door, but nobody can listen.
Maybe, it’s soundproof, my anxiety has risen.
It’s so loud in here, I can’t even hear my thoughts.
This noise is hurting me – it feels like gunshots.

Keep holding on, I read everywhere
I’ve been holding on to the red flag – but nobody cares.
It’s a bad day, not a life.
Maybe you’ll listen to me, if I hold on to a knife.
I can’t look at the brighter side.
It’s too dark in here, I’ve tried to find the light.

I wish somebody would break the door.
Come in, and hold me, so I’d feel the pain no more.
I wish somebody would tell me it’s okay.
I’m normal, and the pain will go away.
I wish somebody would tell me it’s not my fault.
And find the key to this unbreakable vault.

I’m asking for help – I swear.
Not seeking for attention, just a moment of care.
I’m trying, I’m trying to get out of this.
One negative thought at a time, and a lifetime of bliss.
I’m not wrong or bad – but I’m tired and sad.
What should I do, publish a newspaper ad?

Listen to me, recognize my warning signs, please.
I’m trying to find the light, will you help me with the switch?
A moment of weakness is all it takes, you say.
A moment of love will take me a long way.
If you give me your hand and pull me out of the well,
So many others will not be afraid to ring the bell.

One thought on “It’s so loud in here, HELP ME!

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    Vaibhav Bhagat
    September 10, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    This is so relatable and amazing! Such a great poem!!

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