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Fairytales or Anti-Feminism Tales

I’m one of those girls who grew up reading and watching fairytales. Me and my elder sister were big-time lovers of all those fairytales where a charming prince would come in his white horse and rescue a damsel in distress. To be very honest, I used to feel good reading those fairytales thinking that no matter how bad any situation gets, a prince will come and make everything perfect. That’s how we’ve been brought up, right? The stories we read as kids signify that girls are weak and they need boys to save them.But, is that it for a girl? I say no!

Thank goodness, I got a reality check as I grew up and I came to realize how wrong my perception as a little girl was. But, then again, I was a kid.I thought what those fairytales made me to think. But what about all those little girls reading those fairytales right now? I feel bad for them. They’re living in a bubble, where they are all probably thinking that they need to be beautiful to be happy. If you’re not beautiful ,how is a prince going to fall in love with you,right? How is a prince going to show up to kiss you and wake you up after you’re poisoned by a wicked witch? Take Cinderella for example. She was beautifu, but miserabe, tortured by her step-mother and step-sisters. Then,Prince Charming came into her life and she became a princess. What if Cinderella was ugly like her step-sisters? Would the prince have danced with her in the royal party? Ofcourse not! She’d probably still be miserable in her step-mother’s house. Moral of the story ? – Be beautiful and get a prince!

I’m not against fairytales. I mean, ofcourse I’m not trying to form an anti-fairytale union. But , my question is , why do aways girls need boy’s support or why is it potrayed that way? Why aren’t women and girls potrayed as strong girls and women in these fairytales? Cinderella had guts to go to prince’s royal party but she wasn’t courageous enough to fight for her rights and go out there to create her own identity? That doesn’t make sense to me. The same case is with Snow-white. First she was protected by the seven dwarfs and then a prince shows up, kisses her and saves her from dying and they lived happily ever after. The potrayal of weakness of girls is so common. But ofcourse, its only a fairytales. How does it even matter, right? We read it for fun. So what if its affecting the minds of little girls and boys growing up and reading those fairytales? Nobody cares! Well, its time we start caring about it.


Why is it always exhibited that a girl needs to be beautiful?How do we even know if someone’s beautiful and someone’s not?I keep on asking ths question to myself when I say ” Wow! She’s beautiful” .But how do I know it? Do we have a certain scale to measure it? As per these fairytales, beautiful means fair, slim , no spots whatsoever , nice hair , nice nails and nice everything , basically a dream fantasy of a guy. But, what about all those girls who don’t have these qualities? Have we ever thought about how they feel when they read these fairytales? I don’t think so!

Why aren’t there more stories like Hansel and Gretel that shows actual struggles of life? This story is about how two siblings face all the struggles of life with their intelligence and patience. I admire the fact the Gretel is potrayed as a weak and sobby girl first and then she breaks out as a powerful girl in the end and saves her brother and herself from the witch. Gretel, here represents the entire womanhood, miserable and paltry before but slowly coming out as powerful and strong. This story has no prince in a white horse, no beautiful anybody and it actually has a moral that little children can learn.

In a nutshell, I would again like to repeat that , I’ve read all these fairytales and I’ve loved reading them , but they should give a valid meaning. Only meaning that most of these fairytales are giving is how weak girls are and I strongly and truly believe that its not true.

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